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“Fishlabs Entertainment is a Hamburg, Germany-based developer and publisher of mobile games founded in 2004.2 Among others, their portfolio includes the sci-fi shooter Galaxy on Fire 2, the racing simulation Rally Master Pro and the arcade game Waterslide 2. The company, which has won the renowned German Game Developer Award for the “Best Studio 2011”3 and currently takes the 14th place in Develop100’s list of The World’s Best Game Studios,4 employs the use of its own Abyss® engine in the creation of its titles. In addition to their original IPs, Fishlabs has also produced a number of ad-games for international clients such as Barclaycard, Volkswagen and Mazda. Their arcade game Waterslide Extreme is one the iPhone’s most successful ad-games with 13 million downloads.

Fishlabs was acquired by Koch Media in November 2013 and added to the Planegg-based company’s premium game label Deep Silver in December 2013, changing its legal name to Deep Silver FISHLABS but continuing to do business under its old monicker. The development of Fishlabs’ most recent projects, a mobile strategy MMO called Galaxy on Fire – Alliances and a hitherto untitled space action shooter set in the Galaxy on Fire universe, continues under the new ownership.

Fishlabs Entertainment has produced a variety of premium segment games for various platforms such as Java, Symbian, Android, BlackBerry, Windows PC, iOS and OSX. The release of Galaxy on Fire 2 Full HD for Mac computers in 2011 and Windows PCs in 2012 marks the studio’s first step into non-mobile territory and establishes Fishlabs Entertainment as a cross-platform developer.

Original Games
Galaxy on Fire Alliances
Galaxy on Fire 2
Galaxy on Fire 2 Valkyrie (Add-On)
Galaxy on Fire 2 Supernova (Add-On)
Galaxy on Fire
Waterslide 2
Snowboard Hero
Rally Master Pro
Blades & Magic
Burning Tires
Earth Defender
Heli Strike
Planet Riders
Powerboat Challenge
Robot Alliance
Tank Raid
Toy Tanks 3D
Sports Car Challenge
Fanta Fruit Slam
Barclaycard Waterslide Extreme
Rollercoaster Extreme
Volkswagen GTI Edition 35
Volkswagen Polo Challenge
Volkswagen Scirocco R 24h Challenge 3D
Volkswagen Think Blue. Challenge
Volkswagen Touareg Challenge
You Cruise By Mazda MX-5
Brawn GP Racing

Fishlabs Entertainment is best known for its flagship sci-fi series Galaxy on Fire, whose second installment Galaxy on Fire 2 got awarded with the German Video Game Award for the “Best Mobile Game” in 2011 (see below). In the game the player takes the role of Keith T. Maxwell, an intergalactic adventurer and space war veteran on a quest to save the universe from space pirates, smugglers, hijackers and a mysterious alien armada known as Voids.

Over the years, Fishlabs has released various versions of Galaxy on Fire 2. The most important ones are the HD version for iPhone 5, iPhone 4S, iPad 2, the New iPad, iPad 4 and the BlackBerry PlayBook as well as the classic SD version for older iOS devices, the THD version for Android smart phones and tablets with an Nvidia Tegra 2 chipset, the Xperia Play version for Sony Ericsson’s PlayStation-certified smart phone of the same name and the Full HD version for Mac and PC. The add-ons Galaxy on Fire 2 – Valkyrie and Galaxy on Fire 2 – Supernova, which give the player access to new ships, weapons, missions and storylines, have so far been released for iOS devices and Macs only—with the exception of Valkyrie being available for the Xperia Play as well."


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